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Family Dentistry

We pride ourselves on making the child dental experience a positive and non threatening event.  With the aids of digital technology including digital x-rays,  the child is able to be involved in his or her dental visit and dental care. We start seeing children at the age of 3, where we introduce the child to the dental office by counting teeth, polishing, and going over brushing.  Our team checks for cavities, bite problems, and any habit intervention like thumb sucking and extended pacifier use.  

We believe in preventive dentistry, fluoride treatments beginning at the age of 5, fluoride vitamins from birth, check up appointments every 6 months and sealants on all teeth as soon as possible.  With the use of the laser cavity detector, Diagnodent, we can detect cavities at their smallest size and treat them most times with air abrasion eliminating the need for an anesthetic injection and the use of the drill.