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Family Dentistry

As a Family Dentistry we are concerned with oral hygiene and the health of your teeth at every stage of life. We also focus on the unique needs of children age five and up by delivering comprehensive oral care from baby teeth to permanent teeth. Just a few of the services offered by us are:
Regular cleanings
Fluoride treatments 
Cavity identification and filling
Treatment for gum disease 
Not only does our office understand how children’s teeth change with age but also have very different dental needs than adults. We recognize that children may fear going to the dentist. Our staff insures that children have a positive visit to build good oral hygiene habits along with regular dental checkups for life. 


We believe in preventive dentistry, fluoride treatments beginning at the age of 5, fluoride vitamins from birth, check up appointments every 6 months and sealants on all teeth as soon as possible.  With the use of the laser cavity detector, Diagnodent, we can detect cavities at their smallest size and treat them most times with air abrasion eliminating the need for an anesthetic injection and the use of the drill.